Risklayer Explorer is a collaboration between Risklayer GmbH and the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology's Center for Disaster Risk Management and Risk Reduction Technology (CEDM). This website is still under development, but we are going live with it already, because we want to present data on the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) to help inform the public of the current situation.

Stay tuned for lots more. We will frequently update the site and add new features. As these are tested under live conditions, we ask for your understanding if the website may go offline for a limited time or is not reachable. We hope that you explore the site and enjoy the services here. If you find something not working or you have suggestions to help us improve the site, please don't hesitate to contact us!

We still hope that you can enjoy the services here. If anything seems not to work or see possible future enhancements feasible, don't hesitate to contact us.

Soon to come

You will be able to track disaster events and read about our analysis here. Our work is a continuation of a new style of disaster research started by CEDIM in 2011 to analyze disasters immediately after their occurrence, assess the impacts, and retrace the temporal development of disaster events.

We are already analyzing damaging earthquakes globally, providing you with event characteristics, earthquake's intensity footprints, as well as the population affected by earthquakes. In addition to earthquake events, we expect to be tracking and analyzing tropical cyclone, volcano and extreme weather events in 2020. Learn more about our development roadmap below:

Tropical Cyclone Events

Feature List
  • Listed Tropical Cyclone Events
  • Modelled & observed Windfield as Impact Map
  • Expected cyclone tracks
  • Accumulated precipitation as Impact Map
  • Minor cyclones listed in Feed

Volcano Events

Feature List
  • Listed Volcano Events
  • Modelled Ashfall as Impact Map
  • Lahar Hazards
  • Active Volcanoes shown on Map
  • Small eruptions shown in Feed

Extreme Weather Events

Feature List
  • Listed Extreme Weather Events
  • Variety of climate events
    • Precipitation
    • Heat
    • Winds