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Mw 5.6

Depth= 30 km
-1.77°N 99.17°E

mb 5.5

Depth= 5 km
39.80°N 22.20°E

Mw 6.9

Depth= 10 km
-37.53°N 179.50°E

Mw 6.3

Depth= 10 km
39.77°N 22.11°E

mb 5.3

Depth= 20 km
21.91°N 121.21°E

Mw 5.1

Depth= 10 km
6.29°N -75.98°E

Mw 5.2

Depth= 10 km
63.97°N -22.20°E

mb 4.6

Depth= 10 km
64.04°N -22.22°E

Mw 5.0

Depth= 10 km
-0.57°N 127.43°E

Mw 5.6

Depth= 10 km
63.83°N -22.32°E

mb 4.9

Depth= 10 km
30.85°N 51.42°E

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Although only two months have passed, the earthquake damage numbers of 2021 have almost reached those of the entire previous year. A brief overview.

An intense earthquake sequence affected the area south of the Icelandic capital this week. Data indicate complex ruptures and possible magmatic triggering

Ten years ago on February 22nd 2011, the deadliest and most prominent chapter of New Zealand’s latest earthquake history was written, accompanying the story of the world’s most infamous aftershock.

One large earthquake can cause other strong earthquakes. The last few days have shown several examples of earthquake triggering and sequences.

An explosion sound followed by a gentle shake: A kind of non-tectonic quake might affect places during extreme cold waves and even lead to minor damage.