Past Events

Type Date Description Time Passed Preview

Jun 30th 2022 22:09 UTC

mb 4.3 Earthquake in Kalimantan Barat, Indonesia

Location: -2.69°N, 110.24°E, Depth: 15.0km


Jun 30th 2022 18:40 UTC

Mw 5.9 Earthquake offshore Cagayan, Philippines

Location: 19.07°N, 121.36°E, Depth: 60.0km


Jun 30th 2022 15:45 UTC

M 4.2 Earthquake offshore Dinagat Islands, Philippines

Location: 10.14°N, 125.78°E, Depth: 16.0km


Jun 30th 2022 13:43 UTC

M 4.5 Earthquake offshore Los Santos, Panama

Location: 7.19°N, -80.19°E, Depth: 1.0km


Jun 30th 2022 06:26 UTC

mb 4.5 Earthquake in Taiwan, Taiwan

Location: 22.10°N, 120.35°E, Depth: 10.0km


Jun 30th 2022 06:07 UTC

ML 4.7 Earthquake in Federacija Bosna i Hercegovina, Bosnia And Herzegovina

Location: 43.54°N, 17.58°E, Depth: 10.0km


Jun 30th 2022 05:15 UTC

mb 4.6 Earthquake offshore Kagoshima, Japan

Location: 30.86°N, 131.36°E, Depth: 20.0km


Jun 30th 2022 01:26 UTC

ML 4.1 Earthquake in Nouvelle-Aquitaine, France

Location: 45.77°N, 0.34°E, Depth: 2.0km


Jun 29th 2022 23:03 UTC

mb 3.9 Earthquake in South Carolina, United States Of America

Location: 34.16°N, -80.74°E, Depth: 0.0km

1 Day ago

Jun 29th 2022 21:51 UTC

mb 4.1 Earthquake in Xinjiang Uygur, China

Location: 40.15°N, 77.45°E, Depth: 33.0km

1 Day ago