Ongoing Events

Jan. 20, 2020, midnight UTC

Past Events

Type Date Description Time Passed Preview

Jul 23rd 2021 20:49 UTC

Mw 6.7 Earthquake offshore Mindoro, Philippines

Location: 13.75°N, 120.76°E, Depth: 122.0km

3 Days ago

Jul 20th 2021 05:05 UTC

mb 4.3 Earthquake near Athens, Greece

Location: 38.34°N, 23.33°E, Depth: 10.0km

6 Days ago

Jul 19th 2021 23:02 UTC

mb 5.7 Earthquake offshore New Britain, Papua New Guinea

Location: -5.01°N, 152.20°E, Depth: 32.0km

7 Days ago

Jul 19th 2021 19:21 UTC

mb 4.3 Earthquake offshore Jijel, Algeria

Location: 36.77°N, 5.52°E, Depth: 10.0km

7 Days ago

Jul 18th 2021 14:34 UTC

Mw 5.4 Earthquake in Fars, Iran

Location: 29.59°N, 51.17°E, Depth: 10.0km

8 Days ago

Jul 18th 2021 06:46 UTC

mb 5.1 Earthquake offshore California, United States Of America

Location: 40.31°N, -124.39°E, Depth: 33.0km

8 Days ago

Jul 18th 2021 04:56 UTC

mb 4.4 Earthquake on Crete, Greece

Location: 35.13°N, 25.22°E, Depth: 2.0km

8 Days ago

Jul 18th 2021 04:33 UTC

mb 4.6 Earthquake in Huehuetenango, Guatemala

Location: 15.84°N, -91.27°E, Depth: 40.0km

8 Days ago

Jul 17th 2021 20:56 UTC

Mw 6.1 Earthquake offshore Gulf of Chiriqui, Panama

Location: 6.87°N, -82.63°E, Depth: 10.0km

9 Days ago

Jul 10th 2021 02:14 UTC

mb 5.9 Earthquake near Garm, Tajikistan

Location: 38.99°N, 70.70°E, Depth: 10.0km

16 Days ago