> very strong and intermediately deep MW 7.8 Earthquake offshore Java, Indonesia

06/09/1867 - Earthquake offshore Java, Indonesia

Event Characteristics
CEDIM Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
Date & Time June 9, 1867, 10:08 p.m.
Magnitude Mw 7.8
Latitude -8.70 °N
Longitude 111.60 °E
Depth 80 km
Last Update 2021-06-09
Affected Population
Similar Events

Mw 6.9
Depth= 34 km
-8.26°N 116.44°E

2018/08/05 13:46, 5 years, 11 months ago

Impact on Health Services

A total 953 major healthcare facilities have been affected by this event.
43 hospitals and 20 clinics may experience operational problems due to strong shaking at their location.

Impact on Energy Infrastructure

A total 10.35 GW of power generation capacity has been affected by this event.
Power plants with a total capacity of 0.63 GW (6 % of the affected capacity) may experience damage and/or interuptions due to strong event impact.

Impact Map
Affected Population