> very strong and intermediately deep MW 7.8 Earthquake offshore Java, Indonesia

06/09/1867 - Earthquake offshore Java, Indonesia

Event Characteristics
CEDIM Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
Date & Time June 9, 1867, 10:08 p.m.
Magnitude Mw 7.8
Latitude -8.70 °N
Longitude 111.60 °E
Depth 80 km
Last Update 2021-06-09
Affected Population
Similar Events

Mw 6.9
Depth= 34 km
-8.26°N 116.44°E

2018/08/05 13:46, 5 years, 8 months ago

Impact on Energy Infrastructure

A total 10.68 GW of power generation capacity has been affected by this event.
Power plants with a total capacity of 0.85 GW (8 % of the affected capacity) may experience damage and/or interuptions due to strong event impact.

Impact Map
Affected Population