01/20/2020 - COVID-19 | Coronavirus

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Mobility Changes by Country

Each map shows a different aspect of society and the effect of various COVID-19 measures on the population. 1) Retail and Recreation which looks at the change in people going to places like restaurants, shopping centers, museums, libraries and theaters; 2) Grocery and Pharmacy - the change in mobility trends for places like supermarkets, food shops, markets and pharmacies (here people may have gone with the whole family, and now only with one person); 3) Parks (the number of people going to public beaches, national parks, gardens, dog parks and plazas; 4) Transit stations (the number of people going to subway, bus and train stations; 5) Workplaces (the number of people going to their usual place of work and 6) Residential (the number of people staying home). 

We are going to put more subnational trends on the Explorer in the coming days and keep you up to date with Google's amazing analysis. This combined with our subnational data gives a new perspective on the relative impacts across countries of COVID-19. 


Event Series

The Corona Virus is affecting a lot of countries. Here you can get the global overview as well as regional assessments.

Date Event
01/28/2020 midnight COVID-19 | Coronavirus in Germany
01/28/2020 7:46 a.m. COVID-19 | Coronavirus in Thailand
Event Characteristics
Day of first WHO report 2020-01-20
Country of Origin (patient-0) World
Cumulative Infected 0
Currently Infected 0
Total Dead 0
Total Recovered 0
Global Pandemic True
Vaccine Available True
Last Update 2021-01-18
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