Ongoing Events

Jan. 20, 2020, midnight UTC

Past Events

Type Date Description Time Passed Preview

Oct 11th 2021 16:24 UTC

ML 4.1 Earthquake in Karnataka-Andhra Pradesh, India

Location: 17.35°N, 77.29°E, Depth: 5.0km

8 Days ago

Sep 24th 2021 15:04 UTC

mw 5.4 Earthquake offshore Andaman and Nicobar, India

Location: 8.55°N, 93.88°E, Depth: 10.0km

25 Days ago

Sep 19th 2021 09:36 UTC

mb 4.6 Earthquake in Arunachal Pradesh, India

Location: 28.69°N, 96.34°E, Depth: 44.0km

4 Weeks ago

Sep 15th 2021 13:29 UTC

mb 4.4 Earthquake in Mizoram, India

Location: 23.35°N, 93.23°E, Depth: 10.0km

4 Weeks ago

Aug 24th 2021 07:05 UTC

mb 5.1 Earthquake in Bay of Bengal, India

Location: 14.45°N, 82.95°E, Depth: 10.0km

8 Weeks ago

Aug 19th 2021 13:43 UTC

ML 4.3 Earthquake in Gujarat, India

Location: 22.22°N, 69.75°E, Depth: 10.0km

8 Weeks ago

Jul 07th 2021 03:15 UTC

mb 5.3 Earthquake in Meghalaya, India

Location: 25.97°N, 90.39°E, Depth: 10.0km

3 Months ago

May 23rd 2021 19:01 UTC

mb 4.5 Earthquake in Uttaranchal, India

Location: 30.86°N, 79.28°E, Depth: 10.0km

4 Months ago

May 18th 2021 12:03 UTC

mb 4.5 Earthquake in Assam, India

Location: 26.29°N, 92.54°E, Depth: 50.0km

5 Months ago

May 15th 2021 03:03 UTC

mb 4.5 Earthquake in Assam, India

Location: 26.78°N, 92.61°E, Depth: 30.0km

5 Months ago