Ongoing Events

Jan. 20, 2020, midnight UTC

Past Events

Type Date Description Time Passed Preview

Oct 08th 2021 23:16 UTC

mb 5.1 Earthquake in Chahar Mahall and Bakhtiari, Iran

Location: 32.46°N, 49.77°E, Depth: 30.0km

11 Days ago

Oct 04th 2021 02:39 UTC

mw 5.6 Earthquake in Chahar Mahall and Bakhtiari, Iran

Location: 32.46°N, 49.81°E, Depth: 10.0km

15 Days ago

Sep 19th 2021 09:08 UTC

mb 4.3 Earthquake in Kohgiluyeh and Buyer Ahmad, Iran

Location: 30.90°N, 51.21°E, Depth: 10.0km

4 Weeks ago

Sep 13th 2021 04:02 UTC

mw 5.1 Earthquake near Quchan, Iran

Location: 37.22°N, 58.93°E, Depth: 10.0km

5 Weeks ago

Jul 18th 2021 14:34 UTC

Mw 5.4 Earthquake in Fars, Iran

Location: 29.59°N, 51.17°E, Depth: 10.0km

3 Months ago

Jul 09th 2021 15:41 UTC

mb 4.9 Earthquake near Iraq border, Iran

Location: 36.89°N, 45.20°E, Depth: 60.0km

3 Months ago

Jul 03rd 2021 06:59 UTC

mb 4.5 Earthquake in Khuzestan, Iran

Location: 31.03°N, 49.65°E, Depth: 40.0km

3 Months ago

Jun 06th 2021 04:54 UTC

mb 5.2 Earthquake near Ilam, Iran

Location: 33.37°N, 46.26°E, Depth: 10.0km

4 Months ago

Jun 02nd 2021 06:43 UTC

mb 4.6 Earthquake in Kerman, Iran

Location: 31.29°N, 57.15°E, Depth: 10.0km

4 Months ago

May 21st 2021 11:52 UTC

mb 5.2 Earthquake in Bushehr, Iran

Location: 29.77°N, 50.57°E, Depth: 10.0km

5 Months ago