08/06/1788 | 1788 Shumagin Earthquake


Assumed to be the direct successor of the 1788 Kodiak Island Earthquake, the rupture continued westwards with a small magnitude than the earthquake from July 21st. Even though the evidence is more limited, statigraphic records (Engelhart et al., 2018) and historic reports (Sykes et al., 1981) hint towards a 300km long rupture, which can be associated to a Mw 8.3-8.4 earthquake.

Events in the same region
Date Title Region Preferred Magnitude Quality*
1788 Jul 21st 1788 Kodiak Island Earthquake Alaska 8.6 C
1788 Aug 06th 1788 Shumagin Earthquake Alaska 8.3 C
  • Engelhart et al. (2018) -Engelhart, S., Witter, R., Briggs, R., Dura, T., Koehler, R., Vane, C., ... & Haeussler, P. (2018, April). Historical and stratigraphic evidence for two ruptures of the Alaska-Aleutian megathrust in 1788. In EGU General Assembly Conference Abstracts (p. 9826). - Link
  • NGDC - - Link
Event Characteristics
Preferred Magnitude 8.30 (8.00-8.40)
Epicenter 55.000°N, -161.000°E
Depth unknown
Tsunami yes
Paleo-Event no
Quality of Evidence C

Magnitude Range
Year Reference Magnitude
2018 Engelhart et al. (2018) 8.3 (8.3-8.4)
2010 NGDC 8

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