07/09/869 | 869 Jogan Earthquake


THe 869 Jogan earthquake which was located offshore Eastern Honshu is considered the historic predecessor of the 2011 Tohoku earthquake. Many deposits along the Miyagi coast associated with the tsunami following this earthquake have been considered very similar to those from 2011. However, this does not hold up for potential deposits on the Sanriku coast which limits is size to be slightly smaller than 2011 and its effects similar to but more focus around the Sendai plain.

There is still discussion around its exact moment magnitude.

Events in the same region
Date Title Region Preferred Magnitude Quality*
869 Jul 09th 869 Jogan Earthquake Honshu 8.8 C
1454 1454 Honshu Earthquake Honshu 8.4 C
1677 Nov 04th 1677 Kanto Earthquake Honshu 8.4 C
Event Characteristics
Preferred Magnitude 8.80 (8.30-9.00)
Epicenter 38.500°N, 143.800°E
Depth unknown
Tsunami yes
Paleo-Event no
Quality of Evidence C
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Magnitude Range
Year Reference Magnitude
2015 Satake (2015) 8.4
2014 Namegaya & Satake (2014) 8.8 (8.6-9)
2013 Satake et al. (2013) 8.9 (8.8-9)
2012 Sugawara et al. (2012) 8.4
2010 NGDC 8.6
2002 Utsu (2002) 8.3

This table lists some of the most relevant publications in estimating the moment magnitude of this earthquake. If you think there are other important or new publications, please get in contact.