05/29/0526 | 526 Antioch Earthquake


Events in the same region
Date Title Region Preferred Magnitude Quality*
0526 May 29th 526 Antioch Earthquake Dead Sea Fault Zone 7.3 C
  • Karakhanian et al. (2008) -A.S. Karakhanian, V.G. Trifonov, T.P. Ivanova, A. Avagyan, M. Rukieh, H. Minini, A.E. Dodonov, D.M. Bachmanov, Seismic deformation in the St. Simeon Monasteries (Qal'at Sim'an), Northwestern Syria, Tectonophysics, Volume 453, Issues 1–4, 2008, Pages 122-147, ISSN 0040-1951, https://doi.org/10.1016/j.tecto.2007.03.008. - Link
  • Shebalin & Laydecker (1997) -SHEBALIN,N.V. & G.LEYDECKER (1997): Earthquake Catalogue for the Former Soviet Union and Borders up to 1988. -- 135 pp., 13 fig.; European Commission, Report No. EUR 17245 EN, Nuclear Science and Technology Series. ISSN 1018-5593 - Office for Official Publications of the European Communities, Luxembourg. - Link
Event Characteristics
Preferred Magnitude 7.30 (7.30-8.00)
Epicenter 35.000°N, 36.400°E
Depth 40 km
Tsunami no/unknown
Paleo-Event no
Quality of Evidence C

Magnitude Range
Year Reference Magnitude
2008 Karakhanian et al. (2008) 7.3
1997 Shebalin & Laydecker (1997) 8

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